Welcome! I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University studying the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases. I’ll be starting in January 2019 as an assistant professor at the University of Virginia.  Please contact me if you’re interested in joining the lab.

I’m interested in how host populations evolve in response to parasites, and vice versa. These interests have led me to investigate exciting things like coevolution, sex, virulence, and speciation. I focus on natural host-parasite interactions – like the sterilizing trematodes of tiny snails and the sterilizing fungi of flowering plants – but I also make time for the laboratory beast Caenorhabditis elegans.  Here you’ll find updates on my research, my publications, and teaching resources I’ve developed, among other things.

Photo – Lake Alexandrina (Taka-moana) in the Mackenzie Country of New Zealand’s South Island. The Southern Alps are in the distance. Taken from Mount John on January 13, 2014. 

parasites coevolution sex