There really is a two-fold cost of sex

The new SSE/ESEB journal Evolution Letters is out, and Curt Lively, Lynda Delph and I have the first paper of the first issue!

“The two-fold cost of sex: experimental evidence from a natural system” 2017 Evol Letters 1(1): 6-15.

Theory by Maynard Smith in the 70’s proposed the two-fold cost of males as the primary cost of sex in dioecious species (species with separate males and females). Here, we experimentally validate this theory. In the snail Potamopyrgus antipodarum, there is indeed a two-fold cost of sex.

You can find the open-access article here, plus commentary on the Evolution Letters blog and the Wiley press release here.

This study required lots of snorkeling, snail sorting, and quiet contemplation over the unusual contents of storage containers.


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